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The Cost of Cruelty vs the Cost of Compassion

The Cost of Cruelty vs the Cost of Compassion Cost of Compassion

COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to take a deeper look at the healthcare systems for those in institutional settings. The questions posed in the ACLU article by Maria Morris are critical to be answered.  As a society it is our responsibility to care for those who are wards of the state.  But there is always […]

Why Aging Matters

Why Aging Matters Aging gracefully should be the standard.

In June of 2020, over half of the “gray wave” or the baby boomer generation in the United States will have turned 65.  With this, we have seen enormous changes in how our society functions, creates and sells products, acts and reacts to various situations, politics etc.  In this, and the following blog postings, we […]